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evan & bryce | The Standard Club | a wedding film trailer

Last month we had the opportunity to film the beautiful wedding of Evan & Bryce at The Standard Club in Chicago.  Bryce was so much fun to shoot – she was as sweet as she was beautiful.  Evan was looking pretty sharp himself and put us at ease with his sense of humor.  And I have to say, Bryce’s dad gave one of the funniest father-of-the-bride speeches I’ve heard.

We had a fun group on the wedding day that included wedding planner, Randy Schuster, and Amanda Sudimack from Artisan Events.  Randy coordinated an amazing wedding.  The ceremony was beautiful – dark drapes lined with candles leading you into the room, the aisle lined with flowers and candles, and a beautiful hoopa with candles dangling at different heights.  It looked perfect.

When it came time to start editing the footage, we wanted to try something different.  We’ve been thinking about trying our hand at a wedding film trailer, and the fun footage from Evan & Bryce’s wedding seemed like the perfect opportunity to attempt one.  We watched a bunch of our favorite film trailers, and then went to work making one for Evan & Bryce’s wedding film.  This isn’t their highlight film or a wedding film, just a little teaser to get everyone excited for their actual films.

Evan & Bryce Trailer from I Do Films on Vimeo.

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Author: Molly
Date: June 2nd, 2010

Love this idea! And I’m going to be totally impressed if you captured all of those little b-roll shots (taxi, bar, etc) that day.

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